How it Works

For professional or personal reasons, some sellers do not have time to deal with selling their machinery. We can help them, taking over the machinery and we broker the sale. We also have our own stock of machinery for sale, overtaken from banks, financial institutions, private traders or machinery dealers.

The sale procedure was established in contractual terms with our partners and is presented in the following way:

  • STEP 1 : CHOOSING THE MACHINERY– The customer will choose a machinery listed on our website as available for sale.
  • STEP 2 : INITIATION OF THE PURCHASE PROCESS – When the customer decides to make the purchase he need to complete all the contractual steps of the Buy It Now / Start Transaction” process. Our sale procedure is in line with Europe standards for online machinery sales. The buyer must complete all field of the form with Complete name, complete address, Email and phone number. Once we receive the buyer details, one of our agents will contact you to confirm the transaction and clarify the final details. Throughout the purchase process, the buyer is always supported by one of our agents. Upon confirmation, our company will send the requester all the required documents by e-mail, along with the purchase contract, machinery inspection, warranty and invoice. Our representatives speak English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese etc. In the event of a contract cancellation by the buyer, seller or our company, all personal data of our customers will be permanently deleted from our system.
  • STEP 3 : SECURITIZING THE AMOUNT FOR PURCHASE – In the next step the buyer must transfer the amount for the car , to a neutral account, owned integrally by Gebots Auktion Group Company. After the transfer is made, the buyer must send us a copy of bank recipient in order that the transaction to be confirmed. From security reasons of transaction, our company uses the services of the largest online payment company in the world: Gebots Auktion Group Company. The value of the product will be locked in a neutral account of the Gebots Auktion Group Company, until the end of the testing period offered to the buyer. After the test period, on buyer request , the payment will be unlocked and forwarded to the seller or returned to the buyer, according to his decision.- Once the transfer was confirmed by Gebots Auktion Group Company and the bank institute, which usually takes 12 maximum 24 Hours, our company will initiate the procedure of delivery , the transportation. The money will be in “Holding” to Gebots Auktion Group Financial Limited third party online payment company until the buyer receive and test the machinery. Because we have in the past faced with buyers who during the testing period of the vehicle, have replaced machinery components parts, or intentionally degraded or damaged the machinery, or who did not answer the phone for taking in custody the car, when the transport arrived at its destination, our company ask the amount to be deposited as collateral to the biggest holding third party company in the world: Gebots Auktion Group Company.
  • After the customer completes all the steps of the “Buy It Now / Start Transaction” process he will receive by e-mail the Electronic Invoice for the machinery, signed and stamped by our company. The Electronic Invoice will contain a clear identification of the vehicle, the customer’s data, delivery address, bank details of our company and the total price to be paid.
  • STEP 4 : DELIVERY TO THE PURCHASER’S ADDRESS– Once the payment was confirmed and secured ( max 12 h), we will begin the delivery to the buyer address. The transportation takes between 2-4 days, depending the buyer location , will be made with ours trucks and will be accompanied by a company agent. Our agent will personally hand out the machinery, both keys and the complete set of documents required for sale and registration.
  • STEP 5: TRIAL PERIOD ( 5 DAYS) -After receiving the vehicle, both machinery key and vehicle documents in original, the buyer have 5 days to test and check the car and option to accept or to reject the vehicle without any financial obligation.